Find out the world with travel themed online slots game

Where want you similar to to drive nowadays? The good news is you can go anywhere when you play some travel-themed free slot games. Be there you equipped to usual off on a trip with us?

What ensure we love about travel themed slots?

Oh, where shall we activate? You can go anywhere without leaving your workstation (or phone) when you designate to play these travel slots. With no passport essential, no luggage, and no hassle, you could official visit all these residences nowadays by physically:

  • The Distant East
  • London
  • The Pyramids of Giza
  • The Australian outback
  • Outer space!
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Egypt

… and those are just a insufficient of the places of interest. Themed slots come in many diversities. However, if you’ve ever required to tourism the world (and undertaking into both the past and the future too), this is a excellent way to do it.

Our favourite travel themed free slot games

There are sufficiently to select from, but we’ve tapering the collection to five excellent games we reason you will love.

  • Cheng Gong

This is a five-reel, 25-line game with a Chinese theme tune. There are some distinct cyphers to guard for:

  • The princess is a wild icon
  • There are two throws – a red lantern and a dragon

It also gives us a grand chance to play no less than three bonus topographies:

Dancing Princess Prize Pick – three wild princesses will let you to select a fan to win a flagship. Simple!

Dragon Respins – the dispersed dragon must seem on the first three reels to victory you five free respins. The dragon reels are believed in place for those spins.

Red Lantern Flagship Choice – three, four, or five lamps will cause five, six, or seven choices. Each choice can win you some free spins casino or a multiplier.

Aztec Rising

free slot games

This five-reel, 25-line game receipts us into central America to travel the Aztec nation. The game involves:

  • A calendar scatter icon
  • A gold coin scatter icon
  • A temple extra icon appearing on the second and fourth reels
  • There are some countless bonuses to unlock too:

Three calendar scatters solve a Prize Pick piece with up to 100x your bet activated for each pick

Win 15, 20, or 25 allowed games for three, four, or five coins with 2x on prizes

Substitute wins are crumpled in base game

Age of Discovery

We’re headline back to a time from 15th century onwards here, as people set sail to learn new lands. This attractive slot works with 25 lines over five reels, with some distinct icons to note:

A gold coin appears as the substitute

There are two scatters – a compass and a sea monster

The online slots game only has one slots bonus – the Treasure Bonus. Discover three or extra compass scatters to explain this. Select spots on the map to dig for treasure (i.e. prizes), while evasion the skull and crossbones that will end the feature.

Eastern Delights

The title is a vast clue to the melody of this game. Enjoy a touch of the Angle as you play a plush, richly-coloured, and charming game. Play over five rolls with 21 lines in play, and look for the following icons:

  • A wild question mark
  • A scattered girl
  • A lamp

The game also features these elements:

Winning mixtures disappear in the Symbol Drop feature; others drop from overhead to try and create more heart win

A additional victory in the Sign Drop eye prizes a free spin

Three or more tosses unlock four free spins casino

Symbol Drop also seems in those spins to create the thinkable for more spins

The lamp can appear on the fifth reel to abolish all else on its flat line, there by producing more cyphers to drop!

Caravan to Cairo

If you’ve always required to head for Cairo, this game gives you the accidental. We’ve got a 243-ways to win slot over five reels here, with many bright fonts seeming on the reels.

The pyramid is rough on reels two, three, and four

An elephant is the throw symbol

The main bonus is the free spins eye. Find three elephants and you will get to select from five options:

  • Five free spins – wins multiplied by 10x
  • Eight free spins – wins multiplied by 5x
  • 10 free spins – wins multiplied by 4x
  • 15 free spins – wins multiplied by 3x
  • 20 free spins – wins multiplied by 2x

Where will you travel to nowadays?

You must admit, time travel online slots uk that direct you to far-flung lands in the past, present, or future are hard to fight. Whichever part of the world you’ve always required to stay, you can be sure someone has shaped a slot game there. Give it a try today and enjoy your trip of detection!