Jackpot Slots On Divine Slots

Divine Slots has a diverse collection of slot games that are supported by lofty prize pool. Here, you can learn concerning the types of jackpot slots machine out there and also get a serving hand for knowing how to find them.

Types Of Slots Jackpot

Broadly, there are two major types of jackpot slots online, and both can be found correct here at the casino. Below, you can find out what accurately constitute flat top jackpots and progressive jackpot.

Flat Top

Quite just, flat top jackpots are found in slots that are not connected to any other games around the casino. In these games, there will be a fixed jackpot defined as a set multiplier or maximum payout limit. The only way that the jackpot can change is by altering the stakes, but you will finally encounter a highest threshold that cannot be surpass.

Progressive’s online slots

Progressive jackpots stand for the second main category, but this area can be divided into a few different designs, including stand alone, proprietary, random, and wide area/linked. The shared excellence between those types is that the jackpot increase through players contributing a segment of their wager to a particular prize pool at the side of the game.

Stand Alone

Stand alone slot jackpot are operated in separation from other games, and also from other online slot site. At Divine Slots, for example, you would have a slot game in which the jackpot increases by drawing a piece of every wager. One player could then win then stand by you progressive pot by matching the correct mixture of symbols.


Proprietary jackpot slots are those which are connected together at an exact slot site. As such, they can also be describing as local or in-house progressive jackpots. The progressive pot will go up by taking a percentage of the bet made across all of the proprietary slots that are joined together.


A random progressive jackpot is one that cannot be won by obtain a specified outcome. For instance, there could be a progressive jackpot bonus round that is only trigger at random, as resolute by the code within the game.

Wide Area/Linked

Wide area jackpots are associated between a groups of slots deliver by a slots network or software supplier. The scale of this setup allow for wide area jackpots to be worth millions, but they can be also be won by other players who have right of entry to the gaming network.

Jackpot Slots And Special Promotions

At Divine Slots, it can often be likely for you to find jackpot games through incoming an array of special promotions. Now, it is time to look at some of the special promos that can aid your mission for jackpots.


All newbie’s are qualified to receive a turn on the Mega Reel after making their deposit. The Mega Reel is filled with opportunity to free spins slots. After receiving free spins, you can have the possibility to use them on the slot title owed.


The loyal players of Divine Slots can start receiving weekly Cashback and free spins after increasing to Expert status or senior. Moreover, every £20 deposit will unlock a turn for the Mega Reel. All of those perk can be used to help you try out novel jackpot slot titles.

Social Media

You should also pay close notice to the Divine Slots social media pages. Face book and Twitter are two channels used by the slots to sprint special promotions. You might just be clever to find particular offers appear on those pages, giving you the possibility to explore new jackpot options.

Chat Promos

After signing in at slots, you should check out the chat section. At times, you might see the moderators choose to give out particular promo codes offering up bonus. That money can then be used for a collection of jackpot games.


A slot tournament is a very effective way of playing for jackpots, bearing in mind how you will also get to fight for prizes. In a progressive jackpot, you could also receive bonus money or prize money for being clever to finish in the top 100 performers of the tourney.

Best Jackpot Slots At Top Dog

Divine Slots has some truly imposing jackpot games to play, starting with the following titles outline below.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot slot that has before awarded tens of millions in prize money. By design, Mega Moolah has a progressive pot triggered at random. Players who reach the jackpot round can win one of four jackpots by rotary the controls.


This five-reel slot has a collection of other odds to win, considering that there are 25 pay lines and a 94% return to player. In the special skin, players can unlock free spins slots and enjoy three-times multipliers.

Mega Moolah has been a long-running favorite after being released by Microgaming quite a few years back. The present day reputation is a witness to Microgaming.

Fluffy Mega Jackpot

Fluffy Jackpots is a sweet slot game with cute soft toys. However, the game can have added jackpot possible when you play the special Fluffy Mega Jackpot account. This offers a growing jackpot that can deliver winnings over three tiers.

The five-reel slot can offer 25 pay lines for players to win from the bottom game, while the bonus rounds are also profitable. These are comprised of Toy box Pick, free games, and a risk feature.

Fluffy Mega Jackpot has been planned by Eye on, which is also known for making Sugar Train and Shopping binge.

Visit the jackpot segment of games now to find a series of other titles to explore. You can play for even more prize money compare to standard online casino games.